I build connections between Japan and Asia with individuals, media, and business across the globe.

My name is Josep Solano, and I was born in Barcelona just a few hours after an FC Barcelona vs. Athletic Club match at Camp Nou. I was in the stadium that night, eager to witness Johan Cruyff playing. Asensi and Neeskens scored during that memorable evening. In spite of being labeled as part of Generation X, one could say I was born between two generations: one that still believes in the “old school” values and the importance of well-done work but also embraces and uses the internet and artificial intelligence.
I work as a communication entrepreneur and a correspondent journalist in Japan for various national and international media for over five years, after living and working in several European countries. Throughout my professional career, I have witnessed the changes in the press, journalism, and communication, seen the rise and fall of social networks, and the beginning of emerging artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, these changes personally excite and motivate me, much like J.V. Foix, who said, “I am exalted by the new and in love with the old.” This is because I had the privilege of being born between the industrial and technological eras, allowing me to understand both paradigms in depth and with personal experience.
Now, from Asia, I aim to help personalities, media, businesses, and all those who ask me to understand what is happening in Japan and Asia, why it’s happening, and its consequences.

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