I’m Josep Solano. I facilitate connections between Japan, Asia, and individuals, media, and businesses.

My name is Josep Solano, and I was born at the Sagrada Família Hospital in Barcelona on a Monday, mere hours after a riveting football match between FC Barcelona and Athletic Club. That memorable evening, Johan Cruyff proudly sported the Catalan flag in his arm as captain for the first time, propelling Barça to victory with goals from Asensi and Neeskens. Although they say I belong to Generation X, one could say I was born between two generations: one that still values the “old school” and believes in the value of hard work, and another embracing the digital age, with its reliance on the internet and artificial intelligence.
As an entrepreneur in the field of communication and a seasoned correspondent in Japan for various esteemed national and international media outlets, my journey spans over five years, following stints in diverse European countries.

Throughout my professional journey, I’ve borne witness to the evolving landscape of press, journalism, and communication. From the meteoric rise and eventual decline of social networks to the nascent stages of artificial intelligence, these shifts both invigorate and propel me forward, echoing the sentiment of J.V. Foix’s words, “I am exalted by all what’s new and enamored with the old things.” Blessed with the unique vantage point of straddling the industrial and technological epochs, I possess a profound understanding of both paradigms, enriched by firsthand experience.
Now, stationed in Asia, I endeavor to illuminate the intricacies of Japan and Asia’s happenings, unraveling the ‘whys’ and discerning the consequences, for personalities, media entities, companies, and all those seeking insight.


The role of a foreign correspondent is to facilitate citizens’ understanding of events in other societies by elucidating how and why these occurrences may affect their own lives.

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